Thursday, July 31, 2008

Down another 2#

As of this past Monday I'm down to 153. WooHoo!!! It's been a long time since I've seen that number on a scale.
I've been pretty stressed out about money lately. I'm hoping to get a job waitressing at our local Perkins. I put in my application and I'm just waiting for a call. It wouldn't hurt my weight loss efforts either to be walking around for several hours while working.
Tonight my daughter is having a sleepover. It's 10pm and they are still awake. I'm hoping they pass out soon. I'm pretty tired myself and would like to go to bed soon.
This Sunday we're having a BBQ here with some of the girls from my Brownie troop. Should be fun.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Long Overdue Update

I've been very neglectful of my blog lately. I've been so busy with the house and kids that I just haven't even thought to take a minute and sit and write here.
The kids are out on summer vacation right now. They go back to school on Aug. 25. We've spent some time at the pool (going again today). This past week the older 2 went camping with my in-laws. It was quiet and peaceful here last week. Now already this morning all hell has broken loose.
I've been doing pretty good with my food, protein and vitamins. I've been eating mostly high protein and getting at least 1 protein drink a day. Some days I manage to get in the 2 that I'm supposed to have. I use a powdered multi-vit that I mix in my protein drink. I also take calcium citrate, vit d3, vit b12, and a hair skin and nail formula.
As of this morning I'm down to 155 (62# loss). I'm feeling great.